How much cost to recover a towed car?

The cost of recovering your towed car depends solely on the circumstances in which it was towed, where it was towed and how long it was stored.

If your car has been towed by a public body, the reason for the charge will prevail. Storage can be from $10 to $100 per day and towing fee can be from $100 to $1000 If the car needs to be towed and repaired, you must pay the towing fee plus repairs and storage.

How much does it cost to tow your own car?

If you want to tow your own car, you might be wondering:

How much does it cost to attach a long distance towing a car? To $1,100 for hitch installation This allows you to tow your car with any other car with the right equipment.

Of course you need another driver for the other car.

How much does it cost to tow a car on a dolly behind a long distance towing? You can rent a dolly from Long distance towing ($99) to load your car onto to tow behind your other car. This way you don’t need another driver, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Alternatively, you can rent a car transport trailer (roll trailer) for $200 or a 10ft truck for $1,448 if you prefer enclosed transport.

Budget rents trolleys for $159, car trailers for $318 and 16′ for $1,404. You can also purchase additional towing protection for $99.50. offers auto scooters for $238, auto transporters for $477, or a 16-foot truck for $1,276.20.

However, towing your own car does come with some risks, so you should seriously consider your tow truck or car transport options. Driving while towing is something an inexperienced driver should not attempt, especially if they do not have Tow Away. Many cars have suffered gearbox damage from towing. That’s why only experienced people should try it. Instead, trust a professional car shipping agency for cheaper and more reliable options. It probably costs less than towing a car.

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