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Auto Parts for those on a tight budget Times are tough. If 2023 taught us anything, it was to be very careful when making decisions related to money. Prepare for the worst, settle for less that is the creed as we move into our post-pandemic years. It is a valuable and important lesson that we hope millions have learned.
Used Auto Parts and have been serving the Greater US for over thirty years. In this article, we will discuss the wisdom of buying used auto parts as a financial strategy.

Cost of scrap car parts versus new

the industry standard for savings at junkyards is around 40%. That’s significant. Remember this is the average. You can only save 20% on parts for a specific used car at a specific yard, but you can save 60% on a different part at a different yard during a sale. Still, a 40% saving is hard to ignore. Anyone who has ever owned a car knows that maintaining a car doesn’t come cheap. Buying new car parts will break the bank very quickly. Keeping up with scheduled oil changes and other maintenance is expensive. Is it any wonder that junkyards have experienced an upswing in recent years? Many people are turning to do-it-yourself car maintenance, turning to junkyards to save on used auto parts and used body parts.

How reliable are used car parts?

Used Auto Parts, as an example offer a 90-day warranty on every used auto part which is selling. Also test all parts that we sell. You can be just as confident about any used car part we sell as you are about buying used. No, they don’t last as long as a new part, but you don’t pay full price for them either.
Think of it this way: A 2023 Toyota Camry is totaled in a car accident. The engine parts are fine, but the bodywork is badly damaged. Buying the used engine from this Camry at a junkyard is like buying a new engine for half the price. No, this example doesn’t always apply, but it does indicate that there are some very reliable auto parts in junkyards.

The Reality of Buying at Junkyards

everything you need for any type of vehicle can be found at Junkyards. Even if they don’t have the part you need, they can find it anywhere in the United States and have it shipped to you at a price you can afford. In tough economic times like the one we are currently experiencing, saving money is important and there is only one way to consistently save money on auto parts and that is by shopping at your local junkyard.

A Word about Used Auto Parts

Family owned and operated Used Auto Parts has been serving the people of US for many years. That kind of longevity can only be achieved when the product is good and the service is great.

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